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Welcome to Tekton Earth Science Lessons, here you’ll find a wide assortment of tutorials, lessons and information on all you need to know.

Topics include graphing, Astronomy, Meteorology, Mapping, Earth’s processes, the Dynamic Earth, Geologic History, using the NYS Earth Science Reference tables, the Lab Practical exam, and the NYS Regents exam.

Homeschool students can view these 162 lessons as being equivalent to 4 credits of High School Science.

High School and JHS students: You can also use these lessons to help you understand material you may be struggling with in class.  If you took a year of Earth Science and want to improve your grade on the Regents exam, or if you want to get a head start on the class before taking it, either way this will help.

Tutoring: you could use these lessons as an interactive tutor to help you understand the material as it is being taught.